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Try one of our pastured turkeys for your Thanksgiving dinner this year. Raised on pasture and organic grains, these birds dress out beautifully with rich, full flavor. We do one batch of birds per year to have ready for Thanksgiving. They come whole, frozen with giblets and range in size from 10-20 lbs. Please let us know what size bird you prefer. Deposit required to reserve, balance due when you get your turkey. 

“I wanted you to know how delicious the turkey was….The best one I have ever had….However you raised this fine bird …I know he had a good life…… Thank you for all you do" - Kay. B.

“The turkey was fantastic yesterday so thanks!" - S.T.

“Everyone said it was the best turkey they have ever had. Thank you so much and if you have one put me on the list for next year.” - K.B.

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