$6 per dozen


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~ On-farm pick up.

~ Self-serve cooler in Carbondale on Wednesdays, 10AM-6Pm.

~ Local delivery.


Our eggs are beyond organic.  Our layers are not only fed high quality, organic whole grains (no soy, non-GMO), but they have access to native grasses, forbs, and insects all summer long. They are free to roam during the day and closed up securely away from predators at night.  Their diet is supplemented with surplus from our gardens and orchard, enabling them to produce highly nutritious and flavorful eggs.  

You can taste and see the difference.  From the deep yellow yolks, to the stable whites, to the rich flavor, our farm fresh eggs make for a good experience from first crack to last bite.  

Research has shown pastured eggs to contain 66% more vitamin A, 300% more vitamin E, 700% more beta carotene, and 200% more omega-3 fats than standard caged eggs.   Superior care yields superior eggs.


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