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The Homestead


We both grew up close to the land.  I, Mollie, grew up here on this very ranch.  It's in my blood.  As a child I would design and tend my own vegetable gardens and play with the rotating menagerie of animals that my family raised through the years.  I've always loved working with living things.  Moving to a city for college and then staying for a job was a difficult transition for me and the lifestyle never quite felt right.  That's why it was a no-brainer when my husband, Jake, said to me one day over dinner: "Let's move back home to your parents' place and farm." 

Jake grew up on his family's farm in New Mexico and the country is in his blood too.  He pursued a career as an electrician but always missed the farm and its lifestyle. Learning about regenerative agriculture rekindled his desire to work on the land and inspired him to lead our family in the big move away from our settled city life and back to my family's place in 2016 in an effort to create a legacy for our children of nurturing the land and nourishing ourselves and others.








My degree is in dietetics, human nutrition.  As I worked in healthcare, I began to become disillusioned with the disconnect between quality nutrition and medical care.  I began to see that the food people were eating was giving them calories but not truly nourishing them. The myriad vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients that not only give life, but health and vitality, were severely lacking in the processed, mass-produced "food" that they were eating.  So I wanted to somehow work to encourage people to nourish their bodies with real, quality food for healing and wellness. Around the same time I was pondering these things, Jake and I had started reading and listening to various experts in the regenerative farming field, particularly Joel Salatin.  What these farmers and scientists were saying strongly resonated with us and we knew that farming addressed health at the ground level - literally - and that's what we wanted to do. 























The original homesteader here, James Dooley, first worked this land at the turn of the century. There is still a creek named after him on the property - hence Dooley Creek Farm.  My grandparents bought the place in 1949 and the family has been here ever since.  We love being back on the old homestead and are really excited to grow our farm and to have you join us in this journey of health and land stewardship!  

                                                                                                         - Jake & Mollie

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