Our pigs are raised on pasture, organic produce and non-GMO grains.  No hormones, antibiotics or wormers.  Happy and healthy!

We sell whole or half animal shares and individual USDA stamped cuts.

WHOLE PIG (Reserve now Feb 2021) - $4/lb hang weight (approx 200 lbs), end yield of approx 150 lbs meat.  So for $800 you get approx 150 lbs meat, an average of $5.33/lb!

$150 deposit to reserve.  Curing option available on select cuts for an additional $1.75/lb.

HALF PIG (Reserve now for Feb 2021) - $5/lb hang weight (approx 100 lbs), end yield of approx 75 lbs meat.  $75 deposit to reserve.  Curing option available on select cuts for an additional $1.75/lb.

Individual Cuts​ in Stock

Ham Steaks - $12/lb

Ham Roasts (Uncured) - $8/lb

Bacon - sold out

Sirloin Steaks - sold out

Hocks (Cured) - $6/lb

Bone-In Chops - sold out

Spare Ribs - $10/lb 

Baby Back Ribs - sold out

Country Style Ribs - $10/lb 

Shoulder Roast - sold out

Pork Belly (sliced) - $10/lb

Breakfast Sausage- $10/lb

Italian Sausage - $10/lb 

Chorizo - $10/lb

Liver - $9/lb

Heart - $8/lb

Fat - $8/lb

Call or email to order!

We raise our pigs in a non-restricted environment.  In the spring and early summer they get to root around in our cow barn, "pigaerator" style, to aerate the old manure and wood chips and allow for completion of the decomposition process.  The end result is rich compost for the fields and gardens.  Later in the year they are turned out into paddocks where they eat grass, acorns, shrubs and other greens.  What they don't get from foraging, we provide through a high quality non-GMO pig feed ration.

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