Our broilers are never given hormones or antibiotics and are fed only organic grains without soy or GMOs.






Why pastured poultry?


In a word, biology.  Chickens are omnivores, not herbivores.  That means that they do best on a varied diet that includes plenty of natural protein and carbohydrate sources, such as insects, grass and seeds.  Our chickens are on fresh pasture 24/7 - moved daily.  They can obtain up to 20% of their diet from foraging. The remainder of their diet consists of premium organic grains, surplus from our garden and orchard, and wild berries that we harvest for them.  

The chickens enjoy fresh, green forage each day while providing excellent fertilizer for our pastures.  Their rotation follows a few days after the cattle so that they can scratch out and eat fly larvae from the cow patties and thus help to keep the fly population down for the cattle.  There are actually enzymes in cow manure which benefit a chicken's digestion, so it is a symbiotically beneficial relationship all around.  Pastured chicken offers a superior quality meat as compared to conventionally raised chicken.  It is higher in healthy omega 3 and CLA fatty acids, as well as B vitamins, and antioxidants.  

Ethically, we feel that pasturing is one of the most humane ways to raise chickens.  They have plenty of space, sunshine and fresh air - conditions they thrive under.  We want our animals to be able to express their chicken-ness through natural foraging, scratching, dirt bathing and healthy social orders.  We seek to give them an environment that enables behavioral freedom, to minimize stress and just let them be chickens.

Why not completely free-range?


We would love to "free-range" our broilers, but there are some major logistical problems with that since we have different age groups.  Plus, we are responsible for their lives and so we provide them with shelters, called chicken tractors, to protect them from the elements as well as predators.  There are far too many hungry coyotes and raptors looking for an easy meal to let the chickens just run free!

Whole frozen chickens.

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4-5 lbs - $22

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