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Pastured pork.  Sold by the pound hanging weight.  Typical hanging weight is 160-200 lbs.  So for example, a 180 lb hanging weight at $7/lb would cost $1260, which would come to about 150 lbs of individually wrapped finished product (varies depending on which offal - heart, liver, head - cuts you choose to keep).

When purchasing a whole pork, you buy the live animal from us and we deliver it to the processor with instructions on which cuts you want.  We then pay the butchering fees and pick up the meat for you and arrange to get it to you.  All numbers are estimates since different animals butcher out at differing weights.  We request a $200 deposit to secure your pig and the remaining amount, calculated on final hang weight, is due upon delivery.

Whole Pig Deposit

  • If you are unhappy with our product we will work with you to make it right.  Farming can be unpredictable and we will refund your deposit should anything happen that would prevent us from fulfulling your pre-ordered beef.

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